Munchme Snek Popia Salted Egg / Cheese / Tom Yum / Spicy Korean BBQ


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▪️ Can't Stop Munching!
▪️ Bursting with flavor!
▪️ No artificial colors!


Net Weight: 230g

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  • Salted Egg: Popiah Skin, Salted Egg Seasoning Powder, Curry Leaves, Sugar & Salt

    Cheese: Popiah Skin, Cheese Seasoning Powder, Chili Powder, Paprika Powder, Sugar & Salt

    Tom Yum: Popiah Skin, Tomyam Seasoning Powder, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Sugar & Salt

    Spicy Korean BBQ: Popiah Skin, Korean BBQ Seasoning Powder, Chili Powder, Sugar & Salt

    • Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
    • Eat soon after opening to avoid losing crispiness due to prolonged exposure to atmosphere.